• Swedish Judge - Obsessive Creative Disorder

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  • Introducing: Obsessive Creative Disorder

    About Me:

    Name: Peter Sörensen

    Age: 31

    Cosplay alias: Obsessive Creative Disorder

    Social media: Facebook

    How long have you been interested in cosplay?

    About 6 years. Ever since I first realized I was doing it.

    What have you done in the cosplay community before?

    I once scored 2nd place in a cosplay competition in Larvik, Norway! And I've almost won a prize for being nice to people on Facebook!

    What do you do besides your interest in cosplay?

    Do you want... The Whole List?






    Let's just say that I create. A lot. Anything. Everything. All the things.

    What skills or aspects of the competition will you focus on?

    Novelty. Using skills, knowledge and smarts to turn your time, money and efforts into cosplay is all fine and good. If you want to amaze, though, then bring something we have never seen before. Show us Skills, Knowledge and Smarts demonstrating you can not only replicate somebody elses work but that you can apply your skills laterally and take cosplay to unrivaled heights!

    What skills or qualities should the winner of the NCC 2019 have?

    The highest among the contestants. Is this a trick question...?

    Tell us about a cosplay that have made a special impression on you?

    My first suit of chainmail included the questionable garment 'Chainmail leggings'. These heavy metal pants were held up with a steel wire tightened around the waist. Needless to say, the impression they left on me was lasting and, yes, quite special.

    What do you look forward to the most with the competition?

    I have full faith in the abilities of the contestants and look forward to seeing them own the stage, ride the lightning and grind us judges into a fine paste of humble pie with their presence! But most of all, I look forward to meeting them, seeing their work and having good time working with my fellow judges.