• Manuel D'Andrea

  • Introducing: Manuel D'Andrea

    Guest Judge

    About Me:

    Name: Manuel D'Andrea
    Age: 26
    Social Media: Facebook

    How long have you been interested in cosplay?

    I started this wonderful journey in the Cosplay world in 2011!

    What have you done in the cosplay community before?

    I started my path in the Cosplay world in 2011 with my first Costume: Edward Scissorhands!
    I tried a Cosplay challenge for the first time and I won a prize, after that I did 7 challenges in total and brought 1 prize per challenge ( like the Italia Cosplay Championship prize that brought me in Japan and the Eurocosplay prize that brought me in London). After that I started tobe a judge for several competitions not only in my country but also in Europe.
    I can say that i experienced all the wonderful sides of the Cosplay world and that I'm glad I'm able to bring my creativity around the world with my Makeup lessons and panels!

    What do you do besides your interest in cosplay?

    I'm a full time artisan, I work in the Design field (digital and Costume Design), Makeup Field and Interior Design field, plus I love everything that is creative (from sculpting, to painting etc).

    What skills or aspects of the competition will you focus on?

    Definitely details, details of the costumes, details of the performances and makeup details.
    I love when someone really takes care of every little thing!

    What skills or qualities should the winner of the NCC 2019 have?

    I think the winner should have the "Total package", a mix of talents from Costume making to performing on stage.

    Tell us about a cosplay that have made a special impression on you?

    I'm really impressed by the characters that are not common, those characters that are not the main ones but somehow have a story to tell.

    What do you look forward to the most with the competition?

    I can't wait to see what you guys will bring to the stage!
    There's nothing more fullfilling than bringing your character to life with a performance!