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    Photo: Eugene Artjomenko

  • About NatsumiPon

    Name: Marina Yanushkina
    Age: 23
    Cosplay alias: NatsumiPon

    Social media : Facebook Instagram

    What was your first cosplay?

    My first cosplay was Konata from Lucky Star, but it was fully bought on Ebay. The only thing I did there was cutting the wig... So my first self-made costume was Black Rock Shooter I did the year after Konata. Since then I felt in love with crafting big weapons and cosplaying girls in small shorts :D

    What do you do besides cosplaying?

    I am a makeup artist and I love sewing. I don't have permanent job right now, but my dream is to make living from my hobbies.

    What made you start cosplaying, and what is it that inspires you to continue with it?

    Since the very childhood I love crafting things. I really enjoyed making something with my own hands, this has always been my main hobby and my biggest passion. Cosplay gave me an opportunity to meet the same people as I am, to learn and to share new techniques, to compete with others. I can not imagine my life without it, however, we all face creative stagnation from time to time. As for me, the best way to overcome it is watching other cosplayers. Their work gives me the best inspiration.

    What is your favourite cosplay up until now, and what made you choose to portray that character?

    I can not choose the favourite one because all of them have special meaning for me. But I can highlight my current project - Jinx form LoL. I spent the most time and money on this costume and put so much effort in it, almost every technique I used in this cosplay was new and challenging for me. I'm already proud of it, but I can't wait to see the final result!

    There are few reasons why I've chosen Jinx. First of all, it was the only female LoL character that suited my body type =) Secondly, I've already told that I fell in love with badass girls in shorts and with big guns. And finally, her character is completely opposite to mine. I thought that it will so challenging and fun at the same time to portray her!

    Do you have any specific techniques or materials that you like working with when creating your costumes?

    Right now I mostly work with EVA foam and PVC. I also love making molds and casting things...and sewing! Unfortunately, most of my characters have a very little clothes on them :D

    How did you qualify for the Nordic Cosplay Championship 2019?

    I qualified at WinterCon. Even though I have been preparing for this contest for a long time, I still can not belive that I won. Such talented cosplayers with amazing costumes were competing with me.

    It also have a very special meaning for me. I didn't make it to the top 3 in the previous cosplay contests I participated in with this costume, so I became really nervous about entering the qualifiers with such a "simple"costume. However, I wanted and I still want to prove that even simple costumes could be really hard to make if you pay attention to every detail!

    What do you look forward to the most with the competition?

    This is going to be my first big competition, so I look forward to everything! I feel the most nervous and excited at the same time about my performance, this is going to be my debut on the big stage and I really want to show you the best I can!

    What costume do you plan on competing with in the finals, and what made you choose it?

    I am going to compete with my Jinx and I've already told about her in previous questions! ;)