• Icelandic Representative:

    Louhi Cosplay

    Photo: Snorri Sigurðsson

  • About Louhi Cosplay

    Cosplay alias: Louhi

    Social media: Facebook

    What was your first cosplay?

    This was probably Shounen Batto from Paranoia Agent, although I'm not entirely certain, since I made a few beginner cosplays around the same time frame. In any case, it was one of the first ones, and I'm really happy no photos survive because... it was pretty bad. XD

    What do you do besides cosplaying?

    I like to paint, usually with watercolours or enamel. I also like the outdoors - hiking and camping are fun, and working in the garden is the most relaxing thing there is.

    What made you start cosplaying, and what is it that inspires you to continue with it?

    I think that at first I just wanted to hang out with friends who were cosplaying, and got interested in the hobby by watching them. At first my cosplays were simple, lots of bought items, lots of freedom taken with the end outcome... but then at one point I made Perona from One Piece, and everything worked out surprisingly well for me (except when I stepped on the crown by accident the night before convention). From that moment on I really began to want to learn new techniques and to make everything myself, and sometimes I still get that feeling of wonder: "Why was I so scared to try this, turns out it worked just fine!"

    What is your favourite cosplay up until now, and what made you choose to portray that character?

    There are so many... but I think it could be Drifter from Hyper Light Drifter, because very simple designs are so difficult to make, and that's one that I'm still proud of. The game itself is amazingly beautiful, and the game experience is a nice combo of fun and rage quits, I just had to find a way to cosplay it!

    Do you have any specific techniques or materials that you like working with when creating your costumes?

    I have lots of these! I love making things by hand, so the list could be really long. One thing that I do love making is gloves, and I tend to save them as a "treat" for myself for when I've completed some less-fun part of the outfit.

    How did you qualify for the Nordic Cosplay Championship 2019?

    Midgard 2018, Iceland.

    What do you look forward to most with the competition?

    Meeting the other teams, seeing the amazing level of sheer cosplay skill!

    What costume do you plan on competing with in the finals, and what made you choose it?

    Bayonetta from Bayonetta. For me, she was something unbelievable when I first played the game, her attitude and how she just... gets things done, how independent she is and how, at all times, she's simply enjoying the battle. The game is among the most fun, enjoyable ones I've ever played, and I return to it every now and then. I think for everyone there's that one game that leaves an impression as your favourite thing, your number one, and that, for me, is Bayonetta.