• Finnish Judge - AlanaLana

    Photo: Tekla Kokkonen

  • Introducing: AlanaLana

    About Me:

    Name: Alette Koppe

    Age: 30

    Cosplay Alias: AlanaLana

    Social Media: Facebook

    How long have you been interested in cosplay?

    I first got interested in cosplay way back in 2005 when my then boyfriend, now husband, showed me pictures from a local convention he had attended. A year later I attended my first convention, and a year after that I made my first costume.

    What have you done in the cosplay community?

    I have cosplayed since 2007. Since then I have made a lot of costumes, hosted panels, competed and judged contests. Last year I competed as part of team Finland in the NCC.

    What do you do besides your interest in cosplay?

    I am a full time graphic designer and illustrator. Besides that and cosplay, my hobbies include singing, burlesque and going to the gym.

    What skills or aspects of the competition will you focus on?

    Besides the obvious attention to detail, I am interested in a cosplayers ability to reflect on their work. I believe that being able to analyze your own craftsmanship is an important aspect of cosplay competitions.

    What skills or qualities should the winner of the NCC 2019 have?

    The winner should be a well rounded cosplayer with exceptional skills in both crafting (in whatever medium they have chosen to work with) and performance. They should also have a ton of passion and love for cosplay and the community.

    Tell us about a cosplay that have made a special impression on you?

    I adore every single costume that Finnish cosplayer Merryallnighter has made, especially her Amir costume, just to name one. It is just an incredibly detailed costume with absolutely flawless execution. She is also incredibly helpful and has good advice for other cosplayers in our community, which I think is a very good quality in a cosplayer.

    What do you look forwardto the most with the competition?

    I look forward to experiencing NärCon and the NCC without the stress of the competition! But of course I also am excited to see all the amazing costumes and performances, and to meet passionate cosplayers. I hope to be inspired!