• Danish Judge - Cavea Telum Caiva

    Photo: SkyeHuong

  • Introducing: Cavea Telum Caiva

    About Me:

    Age: 24
    Cosplay Alias: Cavea Telum Caiva
    Soial Media: Facebook

    How long have you been interested in cosplay?

    For quite some time! This wonderful madness began in 2011 where I bought my first cosplay. The whole aspect of creating a costume from scratch seemed pretty overwhelming back then, so I bought one to test the waters.

    What have you done in the cosplay community before?

    I’ve participated in craftsmanship focused competitions and even managed to qualify for some International ones (NCC, EC and ICL). Other than that, I’ve done a few showcases and met a lot of wonderful people during events.

    What do you do besides your interest in cosplay?

    Most of my time is spend at the University where I’m doing university stuff and pretending to be clever. I also like spending time with my cat and run away from my problems.

    What skills or aspects of the competition will you focus on?

    I believe that my strongest side lies within armor + prop making and the paintjob. I’ve made a lot of armor-focused cosplays throughout the years, so this will naturally be my main focus here.

    What skills or qualities should the winner of the NCC 2019 have?

    It should be someone with a diverse skillset that manages to make each element of the costume come together and really make the portrayed character’s personality shine.

    Tell us about a cosplay that have made a special impression on you?

    I don’t think there is a specific costume, it’s more the cosplay-phenomenon itself. I’ve always had a huge interest in character designs when it came to games and movies and I’ve often thought about how awesome it could be to create a costume myself. Cosplay seemed like the perfect “excuse” to do just that.

    What do you look forward to the most with the competition?

    To meet all the participants and see the costumes up-close and in action!